Appstore offers full access to multiple free and paid apps available for FireStick and FireTV. Beside to that some private pools are adds a little more value for users. Today here we will discuss about most popular streaming apps for FireTV and FireStick.

Although there are thousands of free other tools, utilities, apps, and even games which you can install from Amazon AppStore, but today we will stick to streaming apps only.

Popular Streaming Apps for FireTV

Most Popular Streaming Apps for FireTV and FireStick

Although FireTV comes with many pre-installed apps for streaming, but it also allows you to install external apps. Therefore, people often like to include some of there favorite streaming apps for FireTV and Firestick also.

Hulu Streaming for FireTV

1. Hulu

One of popular streaming service, Hulu offers a wide range of TV series, which helps it to stick the consumer around its goodwill. It also offers Live Channels but for that you may have to go for a paid subscription. With Free version you can get access to famous shows and series episodes within few hours after they stream.

Download Hulu for Fire TV

Sling TV for Fire Stick

2. Sling TV

To me it is a cost effective approach to home streaming media. That’s because of its business model, consumer can pick any channel of thier choice with a small fee for that channel over a basic mix of channels for your chosen plan. When you sign-up you have to pick up a basic plan, after that you can select from a really really wide pool of channels and then pay the amount to start stream.

Download Sling TV for FireTV

Netflix for Amazon Fire TV

3. Netflix

The most dominant player in streaming market no doubt. You can stream from a wide pool of movies, TV shows, and Netflix originals without any limits. Just you need a paid plan after sign-up and its all yours. Netflix is popular among consumers due to its huge library for streaming.

Download Netflix for FireTV

Kodi for Amazon Fire TV

4. Kodi

Oh Ya! its here, this is a free and open source app available to multiple platforms and devices. It is best media center app where you manage your streams and look for any new movies, shows or series and that’s all for free.

Unfortunately, you can’t install Kodi from Amazon Appstore. But luckily, you can install the app from an external source, don’t worry it will not take more than 3 minutes for you.

Plex for Amazon Fire TV

5. Plex

Just like Kodi it is also a free streaming media center. But unlike Kodi here you can setup any video sources rather you can stream content from your one device to another. Like you can stream TV shows or movies from your PC to Fire TV wirelessly. This can be really helpful when you are looking to stream anything for which you have paid on one device to another device wirelessly.

Download Plex for Fire TV

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