Facebook launches the Facebook Live feature in 2015 after a successful market breakthrough by Periscope. This feature let the users to stream videos straight from Android or iOS devices. If you are also looking for how to stream on Facebook with my Android or iOS device? Then today we will learn it here no matter it is a gaming stream or your personal intro.

At the beta stage the service was only available for celebrities, but now its open and publicly available. Before the process was really difficult to even imagine but after the successful launching now its really an easy thing for everyone.

Currently, Facebook only supports live stream from mobile devices including iPhone or any Android phone which is capable enough but now all latest models are capable. On the other side if you are looking to stream content from a PC or Mac then you may have to consider an external app which also supports Facebook Live Stream. In my opinion currently Wowza ClearCaster is the only app for laptops or desktops which is capable enough and also supports Facebook Live.

Stream on Facebook with my Android

How Can I Stream on Facebook with my Android or iOS device

  • Launch the Facebook App on your mobile. Now from the News Feed tab, find the LIVE button which is available right after “What’s on your mind“.
  • Next, when you tap on LIVE button you will get a number of options and here you have to select/tap on the option “LIVE VIDEO“.
  • As a new user to Live feature, the Facebook will ask for permission to your Camera and Microphone at this step. Allow the access to start over with the process. You can get overview of this feature from this Video by Facebook officially explaining the features and relative options.
  • Now its time to get started, give a little description to your video and provide a location (geo tag). You can also tag other Facebook users before starting the stream actually.
  • At next, you can adjust the privacy settings for your live stream and select whether it will be available publicly or not.
  • The “ONLY ME” option allows you to stream privately and it will be available only to you.

When you are sure that everything is perfect and fine, then now it is the right time to click on the button “GO LIVE” which is available in the lower-right corner of the screen. Now your friends, family and followers can access your stream depending on the privacy settings which you choose above.

To finish the streaming event you can simply tap on “Finish” and this will automatically stop and publish the video on your profile page. This feature is really helpful for people who missed the live stream can now watch the video from your profile page.

How to Stream on Facebook via Mobile

Congrats..!! Now you have successfully created your first live stream with Facebook from your iPhone or Android mobile.

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