When starting to deal with your business clients outside your country then the communication etiquette really matter. In such a scenario people are looking ways to find international page sizes. Most of times the standard is A4 page size however, each document typing app has its own default size. Just like MS Word is set to Legal size by default, but it all changes with the purpose of printing.

There is a lot more work which is requires to be done with professional care even outside of business environment. You can use an app to find different page sizes and their relative use in real life. PAPERSIZES.IO can help a lot for that, especially when you are new to this printing work.

How To Find International Page Sizes For Printing

Which is Best Portal to Find International Page Sizes

You can visit the PaperSizes website  and then can see the available options to find the exact match for your needs and communication type. There is an option which let you filter the page sizes by country and even by popular categories including A4, B9, Billboard, US Envelope and more.

When you select any specific page size, then it will show you the width & height in millimeters. However, you can also change the unit of measuring from mm to inches, meters or any other which you like.

The best part which I love the most is that when you click on a specific category you will get the whole list of options available in that category. While listing all the sizes along with dimensions which is really important when dealing with printing.

If you are a designer then you may find the business card and photography section more engaging then any other. Moreover, if you have a job in an advertising company the billboard section is the right category for you.

The limitation which is really a point to consider before making any decision on the basis of given information is that. The website do not offer the information for any given paper size current status. Like if it is currently being used in a specific country or is an outdated size. So, be careful about that before you select any specific size.

However, once can find the basic information about the origin of a paper size. The information basically comes from WikiPedia and it also tells you whether a specific size is ISO certified or not.

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