Do you want to delete Snapchat account because of its addictive nature? Most of time people are spending more time on Snapchat due rather then spending time in productive activities. Therefore they feel the only option is to deactivate Snapchat account. Other reasons may involve any privacy concern or you already have to many accounts on board.

Whatever the reason is luckily Snapchat allows you to permanently delete you Snapchat account with all the data trashed and not accessible for anyone.

Delete Snapchat Account

How Can I Delete or Deactivate my Snapchat Account

Let’s go through the process. What I have learned after deleting an account with Snapchat now I love to share with you. Because I believe is that sharing is caring.

  • Launch any browser and then VISIT THIS LINK
  • This will take you to Snapchat login screen. Right after you sign-in to your account you will move to the account removal page.
  • Click on the button saying “DELETE MY ACCOUNT

Click on Delete Account

  • Next, the website may ask you to confirm your credentials. Provide your credentials for account which you want to delete.
  • Next, confirm the Account Delete by click on Continue button.
  • On next screen you will see the confirmation message saying “ACCOUNT DEACTIVATED” and the data will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Finally, you have deleted your SnapChat account in a snap.

Now you can’t receive or send messages on this account and account will be unavailable for any other activity also. However, if you changed your mind during that 30 day buffer period, then you have the option to get it back.

But after 30 days the data and account is deleted and there is no way to get it back. Basically, the 30 day limit act as a buffer period during which if a person changes its mind then he can reverse his/her decision.

Just you have login back to your account during that 30 day period and it will be reactivated automatically with a simple notification that your account is back again.

If you have deleted your SnapChat Account then you may feel to uninstall the app also. If you are using iOS then just tap on the app icon and hold until the little “X” icon appears. Tap on the “X” icon to delete/uninstall the application.

Important: Here an important thing to note is that we used the official website to delete the Snapchat account. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete the account from SnapChat app. You must have to do it via website.

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