Sometimes when you feel dizzy while working on a project then configure an automatic shutdown, sleep, startup, restart, wake on Mac on a specific time. This feature can help a lot to save your work if you fell sleep during work. On the other hand you can also setup an auto shutdown or sleep after a specific period of inactivity.

These features can really help to save your battery and work when you get busy in any other task. You can use the Energy Saver feature for that piece of work. Moreover, you can have a little more deep options with this configuration over which you can make your hard disk sleep after a specific period of time.

You can also set your Macbook to restart at any given time in a day or whole week then shut down on specific time automatically. This can be helpful feature especially for business environment where the things are automatically done without any human involvement. But these settings are located at a slightly deep location. However today we will uncover all those things which can be helpful for us.

Configure an Automatic Shutdown, Sleep, Startup, Restart, Wake on Mac

  • Open the system Preference, and look for the “ENERGY SAVER” section with a bulb icon beside to it.

Schedule your mac to shut down

  • Now launch the “Energy Saver” app and click on the “SCHEDULE” lower right corner.

Mac ENERGY SAVER Schedule button

  • A popup will appear while giving you two options either to sleep/shutdown the system on a given time or to start-up or wake the system on a specific time.
  • Here you can enable the sleep option and from the drop down select the action which you want to perform. Next, provide the exact time on which you want to perform the action after selecting the right value in day field.
  • Now click on ‘OK‘ after you are done.

The feature will only available when your device is plugged-in. This is basically done to make it sure that the system has power supply during the course of shutdown and restart so that it can’t run out of battery power during the working period.

The settings lookout may be different and depends on the OS X version you are using on your machine. In some versions you can find the Battery Tab under ‘Energy Saver Preferences’. However, the schedule button will be sitting right on the same place as we have mentioned.

Warning: The point here to remember that the sleep or shutdown function will only work if the machine is running. However, if you make your device sleep before leaving your desk, then the auto shutdown feature will not work. As it needs a running device to work properly.

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