If you are experiencing any issues with Chrome browser then there is must be sort of issues with settings. Today with this guide you can fix Chrome not working error on Windows in a snap. When Chrome is installed on Windows there are some settings configuration behind the scene in registry section.

These configuration settings are essential for Chrome to run properly. In other words if the settings got corrupted or misconfigured you will not be able to run Chrome on Windows 10. There is also an option to Reset Chrome browser on Windows which deletes all the custom settings and forces the default settings for the app.

ERR_TIMED_OUT error on Chrome is very common, when other browsers are working fine this means that issue is with your browser rather with network.

Fixing Chrome Crashes or Not Working Error

  • First of all, open the task manager and move to SERVICES TAB. Next sort the names in alphabetical order and find the service named “CryptSvc” right click with your mouse and restart it.

How to fix Chrome not working on Windows 10

  • Check back Chrome not working issue on your device after implementing this trick. If everything is find then no need to move or implement next step.
  • If still Chrome is not working then move to next fix.
  • Before moving to next step make it sure you have administrative rights to the machine.
  • Search for REGEDIT in Windows search bar, then click on the launcher to start the REG settings app.
  • Now navigate to the following path
  • Here, before making any changes make a backup of ROOT KEY.
  • In second step right click the ProtectedRoots key and click on the Permissions option from context menu.


  • Now from the popup select the user on which Chrome is making problem then enable the option “FULL CONTROL” click on OK to save
  • At this point take 2nd backup for Root Key.
  • Open task Manger and now you have to Stop the CryptSrv by using same steps as we discuss above. Finally, delete the Root Key from the REGEDIT app at the below location
  • Now just restart your Windows machine and everything must be fine. If you are experiencing problems and issue is still not fixed, then you must RESET CHROME after taking the backup of your profile.
  • For that purpose just tap on the Chrome menu and click the option “MORE OPTIONS” then select “SETTINGS“.
  • Scroll to the end of the page and click on advance to expand more settings. Again scroll to the end and find the option “RESTORE SETTINGS TO DEFAULTS
  • Confirm the transaction by allowing the Chrome to reset. By default your data will not be removed including history, bookmarks or passwords. However, it is safe to take a backup before making the changes.

Hopefully, now your issue is fixed. Keep smiling, and support us by sharing the content you like with your friends.

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