Most of messaging apps eventually got spam to an extent no matter which application you are using. Same is true for iMessage, therefore today we are looking on the issue and discussing how to report iMessage spam to Apple.

Getting, marketing calls, emails from businesses striving to engage people to generate some money. Even the text messages are also used to sell some products. The fact is that spam free communication platform is almost impossible to came in to being in these days. An easy way to to stop receiving messages from unknown sources is to filter all incoming messages.

By this method you can successfully block the message alerts and notifications which are coming from unknown numbers. Moreover, the message data will save on your device and it will keep collecting and eating your precious storage.

How to block Spam on iMessage

  • The blocking feature is available from iOS 7 to onwards. This feature can be used to block, texts, iMessages, and even phone calls.
  • To block a spammer you will just need to tap on the spam message thread so that all the conversation can be opened for a specific contact.
  • Now you can see the little “i” sign at the upper right corner beside to sender number or name.

find the "Arrow" button

  • In the next screen you can find the “Arrow” button at the upper right corner, Tap on this button.
  • Next, you will find the option “Block this Caller” when you scroll down. Tap on it and it will block all the communication coming from this specific number or contact.

Use option "Block this Caller" on iOS

Note: But be careful that block feature will just stop showing the notifications from a specific contact. Spammers will not aware that you have blocked them, they just know that you are receiving their messages. The blocking feature can only help you to this extent.

However, on the other side the Report Spam feature for iMessage is little different thing. With that when you report a specific message the Apple is able to track and take action against the sender in accordance with the legal framework which is being implemented on iMessage app.

How to report iMessage Spam to Apple

Open the iMessage app and enable the option “Filter Unknown Senders” by using the settings section. Now the app will list all the unknown number communication under the tab named Unknown sender.

  • Tap on the unknown sender tab and then select any specific sender messages.

Report Spam on iMessage

  • You will find a link “Report Junk” right at the end of messages, tap on it.
  • Next you will see the link “delete and report junk” tap on it.

Report iMessage Spam

  • Now you can repeat the process for each contact which you want to report.

Once the number is reported as spam, you can never get the message from that number on iMessages. The good news is that this option stops a spammer to send spam to other people also. In my opinion the feature is perfect but it only works with iMessages.

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