If you are new to Android then you may like to learn to create data back up on an Android Phone. There are many reasons for which you may need to back up your Android mobile which may include changing the phone, factory reset the device, malware or virus removing and more.

Sometimes the data is really really important to people, in such a situation backing up your Android phone can really help a lot. To prevent data loss or corruption big business always implement backup procedures to daily activities. You should do so if you really care about your data.

How to back up & restore an Android phone

Using Built-in Feature to Create Data Back Up On An Android Phone

You may know that there is a built-in feature with which one can easily back up and restore an Android mobile. There is no need to install any third-party apps to perform that tasks. Lets be short and move to the steps involving the procedures.

The only thing you will need to perform this tasks is an active Google account which is linked to your device. If you already haven’t do that then you can simply sign-in to an account from the Settings>>Accounts section. Generally, when you are using Play Store on your phone, then it means your device is already linked to an email account.

After you are certain that your device is linked to an email you can follow the below steps. But be careful that you remember the email address and password as it will need to restore your backup.

How Do I Create Data Back Up On An Android

With this method you can backup your phone by using the built-in settings. This method is available for all devices and the steps are simple also.

  • Open the Settings App or you can also swipe upside down to find it in action center popup.
  • Next scroll down to the option “BACK UP & RESTORE” or you can also find it under Accounts or System headings in some variants.
  • Now enable the option “BACKUP DATA” your mobile will automatically create a backup and store the copy in Google Drive of linked email visible on this screen.
  • You can also enable the last option saying “Automatic Restore” this will automatically restore all the installed apps settings when you will use this backup to restore.

How Do I Restore a Back Up On Android

When you factory reset a phone it will erase all the data and your linked email accounts.

  • On start-up your device will ask for an Email account you just have to enter the email on which you have the back data in Google Drive.
  • Then the phone will ask to confirm that you want to restore the back from Google Drive or continue without it.
  • This step is important as you have to allow the phone to restore the settings from Back up.

Once done, your phone will restore the data and apps along with their respective settings automatically.

Video Guide to Back Up Android Phone

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